Individuals and Families

At Ameritas Financial Center, planning for individuals and families is at the heart of what we do. Our personal attention and the process we employ to fully understand the complexities of our clients’ goals and needs are the cornerstone. Product recommendations and implementation are the tools to accomplish the identified goals and needs. Below are just some of the tools we utilize in this process.


Life Insurance:

Tailoring a strategy that incorporates properly designed life insurance. Whether its term life, permanent life, or a combination, helping provide a strategy that is suitable and efficient is our objective

Disability Income Insurance:

Designing coverage that may help provide for funds to be available to keep life moving forward even if you are too sick or hurt to work. We offer both monthly income replacement plans and/or a lump sum distribution plan.

Health Insurance:

With our strategic partners, we can help provide health coverage

Long Term Care / Medicare Supplements:

When appropriate, we will recommend and help provide the proper coverage about which seniors are most concerned.


Wealth Accumulation and Management:

Sound strategies and recommendations can be invaluable. Ameritas Financial Center can offer strategies from every asset class: mutual funds, stocks, bonds, options, alternatives, annuities, insurance, and many more.

Retirement Income Planning:

Funding a Roth or traditional IRA and working with employer plans to develop a strategy that fully integrates your entire options can effectively move clients in the right direction. Accumulating funds is only part of the process, distribution strategies are also essential. Knowing when and from where retirement funds are to be consumed provides confidence in retirement.

College Planning:

529 plans, UTMAs, UGMAs, ESAs, and Coverdells are standard parts of college planning, but other strategies and products can play a crucial role. Understanding the process and the possibilities can be essential to a proper plan

Estate Planning:

Wills, Trusts, and beneficiary arrangements can be part of a comprehensive financial plan. Working with other professionals, we can facilitate these important decisions.


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