Financial Terms Everyone Should Know

Financial Terms Everyone Should Know

by Corey Poulosky on Mar 30, 2017

These basic financial concepts are something that everyone should know. Breaking down investing lingo into layman’s terms is key to understanding your financial picture.

Finances can be tricky, and financial lingo can be worse. Here is a list of the top 10 basic financial concepts every investor should have a basic understand of.


Do you know what a Target-date fund is?

Often found in 401(k) plans, target-date funds are designed to serve as all-in-one portfolios that are tailored to your expected retirement date.

What about a Prospectus?

It’s a legal document that contains details about stocks, bonds, a mutual fund or whatever you’re planning to invest in. If you’re wondering, what the expense ratio is on your mutual fund, or you would like a list of all the fund’s holdings, you’d find it in the prospectus.

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